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simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Can Be Controlled By Amazon Alexa

The new sensor mirror hi-fi by simplehuman makes it possible for people to interact with Amazon Alexa to enhance the experience with a familiar...

Brekr Model B Electric Bike

The Brekr Model B electric bike is a futuristic transportation solution for riders who are looking for a sturdy, powerful way to get around...

Snickers’s Chain Will Be Sported by the NFL’s “Hungriest Player”

For the 100th season of the NFL, Snickers is unveiling a dazzling diamond chain designed by famed jeweler Ben Baller. Every week of the...

BMW Motorrad Concept

Created as a vehicle to offer expansive capabilities for drivers who live in urban areas, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link is a two-wheeled motorcycle...

Italian Volt Electric Motorcycle

Those looking for a stylish mix of performance and style when it comes to a personal motorcycle will be interested in the Italian Volt...